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27 May
Some restorative elements in an unusual sentence
The RJC notes the sentence handed down in the North Gauteng High Court in the...
27 Apr
As we celebrate our 21st birthday,how do we move on from xenophobic attacks
As we celebrate our 21st birthday, how do we move on from xenophobic violence?...
21 Oct
Oscar’s Sentence: A Missed Opportunity?
The sentence that Judge Masipa has decided on reflects the careful balancing...

Who we are

Restorative Justice Centre (RJC) is a champion of restorative justice practices and an important provider of restorative justice services in South Africa.

Restorative justice is an approach to justice that emphasises repairing the harm and hurt associated with criminal behaviour.

The work of the Restorative Justice Centre has intervened in the lives of thousands of South Africans, victims and offenders alike, bringing healing and preventing the perpetration of further crimes.

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