The Restorative Justice Centre offers the following training on request:

Information sessions

These are available to anyone wanting to know more about restorative justice, conflict transformation and peacebuilding. Sessions can be from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Mediators’ training

We have trained over 2500 practitioners since 2001 in an introductory course to the concepts of restorative justice and mediation, as well as the practical skills required. This course is still available and runs over 3 days. It is in the process of being aligned with accreditation standards for mediation in other fields.

Other modules on offer:

  • Bridging course in restorative justice and conflict transformation for mediators who have been trained in other fields
  • Restorative justice mediation at a post-sentence level
  • Environmental restorative justice
  • Restorative justice mediation in sexual misconduct (for human resource practitioners and transformation officers)
  • Restorative justice mediation and hate incidents
  • Restorative justice mediation and African tradition-based practices
  • Restorative justice mediation in the workplace
  • Restorative justice mediation in schools

Prosecutors and magistrates

We have trained over 550 prosecutors and magistrates since 2003. While both these groups are generally not in a position to fulfil the role of mediator as it is generally understood, it is essential for them to understand the concepts of restorative justice thoroughly in order to implement it at pre-trial and sentencing stages.